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    Include condition on User Tasks

    Rajesh P Newbie


      I have an approval process for this, I need to get the approvers based on the Group and some other condition. I will explain bit clear,

      In my application approvers are based on the Group as well as location. Means, If a person is part of the "Approvers Group" and should have access to "Location A" then only he can approve that request which are raised for "Location A".

      Do we have any solution to include one more condition along with group id in user task?


      As of now, to autheticate users and groups I am using Implemenation class which will talk to my application's users and groups tables. So If I pass location id/name as process variable, How can I get that information while authenticating users and groups in Implementation class?


      Can some one please light on this.


      Please let me know if you need any other information.