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    Camel or regular bean (best practice question)

    Los Morales Newbie

      I've been developing an integration that, in one service method, invokes 2 or more external services and aggregates the returned data which gets sent back to the client.  All of this is done through the bean using java.  For example, I have a service that is invoked by a client whose bean implementation looks something like this:


      public AggregateData retrieveAggregateData(ItemInfo item) {
           Data1 data1 = callExternalRestService1(item.getStock());
           Data2 data2 = callExternalRestService2(item.getQuantity());
         // process datum and aggregate
          return new AggregateData(data1, data2);


      I was wondering if there was another way-- maybe a better or recommended way-- to do this in SY?  I looked over Camel but am not sure if this fits my requirement. I don't know if BPEL is even useful in this scenario.  Just curious.  TIA.