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    Problem getting the result of JBoss CLI stop-start servers operations (server-group)


      I am currently running stop-server operation from the JBoss CLI:




      the results ALWAYS gives me this:


          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => undefined,

          "server-groups" => undefined




      So can't conclude that the servers has been stopped correctly, unless i use this command:


      ex: /host=slavenode2/server-config=node2:read-resource(include-runtime=true)

      or: /host=slavenode2/server=node2:read-attribute(name=server-state)


      The problem is here:


      To find out the statuses of all server belonging to the server group, i need to loop ALL around the hosts of the domain controller, and then loop all arounds the servers of each hosts, to read the resource to verify if the server-config belong the the desired server-group, etc...


      This seems heavy to get the servers of a group.


      Is there another way to find out all the servers belonging to a server-group ???


      i tried a lots of things with /server-group=group with reading children reosurces and all other operations but couldn't find anything.



      Thank you in advance for your answers.