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    Infinispan hanging in HA-Full mode

    Tarun Sodhi Newbie

      Hi All


      I am trying to move our application to HA mode in preperation for deploying to a cluster. We are using second level caching that works quite well when using the standard configuration. However when i tried to deploy using HA-Full, the deployment hangs. Running Jboss in debug mode this is what i came up with


      18:30:27,049 DEBUG [org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.InfinispanRegionFactory] (MSC service thread 1-8) Starting Infinispan region factory

      18:31:01,459 DEBUG [org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase] (ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[jboss.web]]) Start expire sessions StandardManager at 1374532261459 sessioncount 0

      18:31:01,459 DEBUG [org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase] (ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[jboss.web]]) End expire sessions StandardManager processingTime 0 expired sessions: 0


      The last 2 lines keep repeating. I am not sure what the StandardManager is so any tips on what the issue may be will be of great help.