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    Any alternative for Guvnor to store process definition,process image, and task form file for JBPM 5.4. Final?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      I use JBPM5.4 final


      Currently I regularly run into an issue in Guvnor (Guvnor 5.5.0) as posted here https://community.jboss.org/thread/230743


      I still cannot find the cause or even the solution for that. (done IRC chat with psiroky, Rikkola, and salaboy but still no clue)

      So I am thinking about abandoning Guvnor at least for JBPM 5.4.


      One solution that I find is to put all my process definition files, images, and task form files in a folder. Then create a component to load all these files and feed it to KnowledgeBase.


      My question is, is there any other alternative solution for this?


      From an IRC chat with salaboy, It seems Guvnor has changed much in version 6 that I cannot use Guvnor 6 with JBPM 5.4 is it true?



      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you



      Thomas Setiabudi


      Note: I know the other alternative is to upgrade to JBPM 6 and Guvnor 6, But I still need to wait for the final version of those two.