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    John K Newbie

      Hi !


      Guys, I really appreciate things you're doing. RichFaces is very powerful framework with many cool things.


      But the resources are awful. We have 2 main resources for your framework






      (just links. the main idea is that we have DOCS and SHOWCASE where we can find any useful information )


      The Documentation is ancient really. A lot of old features (components attributes, etc.) , features we can't use in RichFaces 4. No information about something new.

      We have a lot of new propertiees in RichFaces 4

      but we don't know what they are created for (I can only  guess) , we don't have any place to find out ! ( e.g. =)  I want to know - how to customize collapsiblePanel header but I have only simple example in showcases )



      Don't forget about documentation please. You are doing an amazing things, but with no docs most of your work are useless .


      P.S. maybe I was a little bit rough , please excuse me for that !