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    a4j is undefined, ModalPanel is undefined, Richfaces is undefined in cluster environment with Weblogic Server 10.3.5, Load Balancer is apache server

    Azad Akbar Newbie



      We often get these errors after a restart or redeploy of application on Weblogic 10.3.5 server

      The error is, a4j is undefined, ModalPanel is undefined, RichFaces is undefined and so on.


      The Weblogic is a cluster with two Managed Servers.


      Load Balancer is Apache server with plugin for load balancing Weblogic servers.


      This issue happens especially after a restart of the Weblogic servers or Redeploy of applications on the Weblogic servers.

      The solution is strangely "Do a restart with purge cache, followed by redeploy of the application"


      We somehow suspect it is because the application is not getting properly deployed on the Weblogic servers, since the issue goes away after redeployment.


      The version of RichFaces is 3.3.3