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    QuickStart Tomcat 6 + Gradle

    Adrian Cole Newbie

      Hi, all.


      Coming off the back of Dan Allen's excellent talk, I've started using Arquillian at Netflix.  We have a tool based on guice called Governator.  It does classpath scanning as a part of DI, so class loader isolation is key to having tests customizable.


      Sadly, we are stuck on Servlet 2.5 and run Tomcat 6 in prod.  I was able to get tests running with embedded Jetty 7, but the classpath isolation doesn't work.  Tomcat 6 embedded seems to give back a partial URL when injected for my tests, and I've not fiddled through that as yet.


      My goal is to have a setup where I can lazy start a clean tomcat 6 container in my build dir, and have all tests reuse that.  I'd like this to work with little effort from an IDE or Gradle (even better if i can build my war lib dir from gradle!).  I don't mind helping with tomcat issues, but still hoping someone might have an example that does this.


      First round, I only need the URL of the deployed war.

      Second round, I'd love to be able to check the state of my app, using objects bound via guice.

      Third, well lets not get too far out!


      Thanks for reading and ping back any breadcrumbs.