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    CMP Deployment and XML Descriptors

    pauster007 Newbie

      Okei guys, i already have an entity bean, session bean...i ve already deployed my EAR application using j2ee server...now my problem is i want to port my application to JBoss...based on my research and surfing through the web ive noticed that xml descriptors are manually done when deploying in JBoss or they use XDoclet to generate the xml file. Yes! Xdoclet egenrates the xml file but, what i want is, is there any tool that i can use that will VERIFY my EAR Application and generate the necessary xml descriptor files according to my application's requirements just like the deploytool of the j2EE server?

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          peejay Newbie

          hi 007,

          as far as i know there is no deploytool for jboss.
          I use xdoclet to deploy my applications and it works great. But it takes some time to get familiar with it.
          The great benefit of xdoclet in combination with ant is that you can automate the deployment. So if you make changes to your beans, you can redeploy them fast and easy.
          XDoclet also verifys the xml documents and jboss throws an exception if something is not conform to the ejb-specification.