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    CMR and Database Constraints

    Zaphod Beeblebrox Newbie

      <Might be specific to Postgres>

      Hi Folks,

      It seems that either I can define a container managed relationship or a database constraint...

      When I "remove" an entity with a defined relationship (that also has a defined db constraint cascade on delete) I get an error: "Could not remove entity". Although the record (and every dependent) is deleted, the error seems ugly.

      If I remove either the relationship definition or the db constraint, the error disappears.

      Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to define both dependencies and not get an error? Is this specific to Postgres? If I have to choose one or the other, which dependency (CMR or db constraint) should I choose?

      JBoss: 3.2.1
      PostG: 7.2.1