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    rhq-agent blacklists platform resources but does not re-discover them

    Poonam Kamboj Newbie

      I am trying following configuration:


      JON 3.1.2,


      RHEL6 machines

      EAP 6.1


      Whenever agent starts, I can add RHEL6 m/c to inventroy but do not see, CPU,File systems resources. When i run discovery -f then i get following warning:


      "Discovery will not be run for the following ResourceTypes, because they are blacklisted: [{Platforms}File System, {Platforms}Network Adapter, {RHQAgent}RHQ Agent JVM, {Platforms}CPU, {Apache}Apache Virtual Host]"


      I run again discovery --blacklist=clear on agent console, then it says blacklist is cleared.


      but after some time again it doesnt discover File Systems and CPUs. I can see the same added to blacklist again.


      I have tried even restarting agent and doing uninventory and then re inventory on machines but still no luck.


      Please help me on the same.