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    How to implement queue to service mapping

    Martin Myslík Newbie

      I am working on a tool for visualisation of messages intercepted in JBossESB. The problem is, that when I intercept a message (using Pipeline Interceptor), I get the full service name + listener from the sender field (message.getFrom()), but I only get queue from the receiver field (message.getTo()).


      I would like my communication to look like message: service ---> service


      At the moment, I am trying to acomplish this by implementing a hashMap which would map every queue to corresponding service. I am able to retrieve some information from registry by doing this:


      System.out.println("---Loading all services in registry---");

      reg = RegistryFactory.getRegistry();

      List<String> services = reg.findAllServices();


      But this only returns the listeners of my registered services - not their categories!


      This is the output: [JBpmCallbackService, DeadLetterService, SimpleListener, BlueListener]


      It would be easy for me to retrieve desired information using this:


      System.out.println(reg.findEPR("BlueServiceESB", "BlueListener"));


      But I have no idea, how to get the category, if I only know the correspong listener, In other words, I would like to use it like this:


      System.out.println(reg.findEPR(MAGIC GOES HERE, services.get(i)));


      Thanks for any tips.. I am literally lost here :-(