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    Terminate end event doesn't terminate subprocess


      Hi all,


      I need some help with this.


      I designed the following process:



      If I well understood (reading through the community) the expected behavior must be like this:


      1) start instance from the jbpm-console -> now there are 2 active activities (signal intermediate c.e. waitsig1 and waitsig2)

      2) signal the process with signal1 -> the flow goes into the terminate end event (tend1), this terminates all the activities and the subprocess

      3) the instance terminates in the external end node (ext_end)


      What I instead got is that the execution of the node tend1 doesn't terminate the activity on the waitsig2 node and the subprocess remains active.


      Can someone checks the attached process if I'm doing something wrong?

      It can be run on the default installer for 5.4 Final release.