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    paging support with jsonp

    Josh Osgood Newbie

      Greetings RHQ community,


      I've recently encountered what I believe to be an issue with paging/jsonp support in the REST API. According to this post by Heiko, paging metadata can be returned in one of the following ways:

      1. In the response header
      2. In the body of the message


      Due to the nature of jsonp, I can't access the response header - the first approach won't work for me. Instead, I must use the second approach.


      This is where I'm running into issues. In order to achieve the second approach, I have to include the following header in my request:




      Again, due to the nature of jsonp, I cannot modify the headers in my request. It seems that I effectively have no way of getting paging information through jsonp.


      Is there another recommended approach to getting paging information with jsonp? If not, is there any intention of supporting this in the future?




      Josh Osgood