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    DB2 V8.1 and JBoss 3.2.1 CMP-Relations

    Thomas Wiesner Newbie

      I've a problem with cmp-relationsships between two cmp entitybeans. In my database are two tables called personen and rollen, between this tables exits a foreign key (fk_r_person references personen.p_id ..). In the entitybean personenBean, i've created a cmr-field personRollen. The beans are deployed very well, but when i call the method "getPersonRollen()" from the interface of personenbean to get the related bean-instanz from rollenBean, i get a sqlexception that the "PERSONROLLEN" not allowd in this context. Have anyone an idea whats going wrong ? It seems personRollen is handled as a cmp-field, but i've created a cmr-field.

      Some backgroundinformation: i've created the beans and deploymentdescriptor with Jbuilder 6 Enterprise and JbossOpentool 2.6 (Voyager). With jboss-3.0.4 i get the same scenario.