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    Why is Adsense in Richfaces 4.2 not working?

    Joe Guzzardo Newbie

      I upgraded my JBoss development IDE to 6.0.0.GA. I'm having a problem using Google Adsense on my page. The ads no longer show up on my page. This worked fine when I was using the 5.x version of the IDE. I can see the problem when I do a show source on the web page in question. The Google ad Javascript is formatted like this:


      <script type="text/javascript">

      google_ad_client = \&quot;ca-pub-0452251857239552\&quot;;

      /* Home page 2 */

      google_ad_slot = \&quot;8855334288\&quot;;

      google_ad_width = 728;

      google_ad_height = 90;


      In the prior 5.x version there was no substitution of &quot; for the " that was there formerly. Any ideas how I can get back to the original formatting?


      My environment uses Seam 2.3.0, Richfaces 4.2.2, JSF 2.0 and Java 1.6. These are software versions that come pre-installed with the 6.0.0 version of the IDE.


      Thanks, Joe