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    Problem with paging and receiving messages after restart

    maciej-rosiek Newbie

      Setup: HornetQ 2.3.0.Final, 1 live node / 1 backup node, standalone - running on Tomcat with Spring, 10 queues, 2 topics deployed on server. 3 producers, 8 consumers, paging enabled



              <address-setting match="jms.queue.#">

                  <!-- 64 MB pages -->






                  <max-redelivery-delay>3600000</max-redelivery-delay> <!-- 1 hour -->




      This happened only once but it was preety weird. One of the queues 1 day after restarting server stopped sending messages to consumers. It was receiving messages from producers, count of messages was growing but nothing was going out. Restarting server didn't help. After investigation we found out that in /data/paging directory there are empty pages (0 bytes) from the day before. After deleting them and restarting server everything came back to normal.



      Is this a known issue? Locally I was able to reproduce this issue using backed up 'broken'  /data directory from live server. Would you be interested into looking into this problem?