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    Is there a way to include the just the PB richfaces extension?

    Joe Padula Novice


      When I upgraded to GateIn-3.6.0.Final, I noticed that it comes installed with the PB-3.2.1.Final, which is what we want to use. So I changed this line in our web.xml to false and did not copy the pg jars into our portlet war:







      I figured why deploy the three PB jars in our portlet war if we didn't have to. But we found out that we were missing the portletbridge-extension-richfaces-3.2.1.Final.jar, as it does not come with GateIn, and our File Upload stopped working.


      So to get the PB richfaces extension in our portlet wars again, I set that line back to true again:







      And copy all the PB jars into our portlet wars again.


      Is there a better way to do this?

      Can I just copy our the portletbridge-extension-richfaces-3.2.1.Final.jar, and leave the param-value set to false?