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    Process ends, but user wants to redo the last human task, What or How to do this?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      Here's the order of the situation:

      1. We have a process where there is a series of human task

      2. The actor at the last human task make wrong input (e.g. he/she wants to reject but clicked on the approve button instead)

      3. The process continue and it reaches the end node (termination end node)

      4. But because the last actor was wrong, he/she wants to redo his/her last human task.


      My question is How does this possible in jBPM? or if it is not possible, What should we do to handle situation like this?

      We would like the Process Instance Log to keep the real end time of the process after the user redo the last step, that way we will have real information about how long the process takes to complete.

      Any thought on this?


      Any help will be appreciated.



      Thomas Setiabudi


      More Information:

      What we use:

      JBPM5.4 Final