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    possible to deploy an ear but in "disabled" mode (jboss 6 eap)?

    Brett Meehan Newbie

      Hi Folks,


      Im a jboss newbie (but experienced with weblogic).


      I am looking at automating a deployment process for multiple versions of the same application to a single jboss instance. All suggestions for how to achieve this are welcome.


      In detail, we may have 4 (or more) versions of the same application on each jboss development environment. Something like :-

      app1.prod.war   - for fixing defects in the current production release

      app1.trunk.nightly.war - last nights trunk build

      app1.branch1.war - branch1 with new development stream

      app1.branch2.war - branch 2 with different new development stream


      I would like to have all versions of this war available and let my developers toggle which one they want currently deployed. Originally i was looking at doing this with a tool external to jboss which just drops the relevant war in the deployments folder


      However, having hacked around on the management console I see it is possible to disable a war once it is deployed. Now i am wondering if it is possible to deploy a war in "disabled" mode, allowing my developers to use the "manage deployments" section of the console to enable the war of their choice - depending on their current work requirement.


      I tried pre-creating the <warname>.undeployed file in the deployments folder and subsequently dropping in the war, but then it doesnt show at all in the "available deployments" list. Is there any means of achieving my ends within jboss 6 eap itself ?


      If not I will go back to original idea of doing it with an external tool.


      Thanks Rep