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    Where should I set up standard-jaxws-endpoint-config.xml in JBoss 6?

    Jenny Tian Newbie

      I am a newer for JBoss WS. I have a question related to the file standard-jaxws-endpoint-config.xml in JBoss6. In JBoss 5, we use this file to define the JAX-WS HTTP Handlers for all JAX-WS HTTP Web Services. Since it applies for all of the JAX-WS web services, there is no extra modification for the new web services. As far as I learned, this file is no longer there in JBoss 6. Is there any global way to define the handlers for all of the JAX-WS web services in JBoss6? If we have to include this file in every web service, which exact folder should I put this file to? And do I need to change the service code by using @EndpointConfig annotation? Thanks a lot!