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    how to inject a list?

    Anton Hughes Master

      Hi all




      We have a page, that calls a service - and this service returns a list<Indicator>.


      Then, we have several client Composite components that dependant on this List<Indicator> result.


      These components are instantiated at different times.


      My thinking was that, perhaps we can @Inject the List<Indicator>, however this does not work.


      I also tried using an Event<Indicator> with an Observer, however, I assume, due to the event firing before the components had been instantiated,this did not work.


      Currently, we have a tightly coupled dependancy on the List<Indicator> being passed on the page that the components are used.


      I'm hoping we can inject this in some way.


      What / how do you advise we achieve this?

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          Erik Jan de Wit Novice

          Hi Anton,


          Do you mean how to use them in errai-ui? If so you can use an ListWidget or create an Provider to inject the list



               Erik Jan

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            Anton Hughes Master

            Hi Erik


            The data in the List<Indicator> is used in the UI, however, the data in the list is displayed differently in different components.


            I am already using the ListWidget now to display the items on the page.


            However, there are other components that need this data.


            For example, we have a component that shows in a modal window, and uses data from the List<Indicator>. We either have to explicity pass this list from the page to the component, or again call the service.


            So, I am looking for a way to:

            Call the service once, and retrive the List<Indicator>

            And have this value available for client components without being tightly coupled.

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              Jonathan Fuerth Master

              Have you tried an application-scoped producer? Maybe something like this:


              public class IndicatorBeanProvider {
                private List<Indicator> indicatorList;
                private void fetchIndicatorList() {


              and in the callback from the RPC, assign the response value to indicatorList. Then wherever you @Inject List<Indicator>, the CDI context should inject the same list that the producer field references.


              I think this should work for your use case. It would not work if you required a different list of indicators to be injected at different injection points, although you could possibly use CDI qualifiers to solve that problem.



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                Anton Hughes Master

                Thank you Jonathan!


                That tip signifcantly cleaned up our code!