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    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.serialize.XMLSerializer

    Richard Doust Newbie

      I'm running into a problem moving code from jboss 4.2.2 to jboss 7.1.1. In a web application, packaged in an ear, I generate and return pdf documents to the client. The process uses Castor to convert an object tree to an XML document in memory, then transform that XML document to an fo document (formatted object) using XSLT, then generate a pdf from the results of that. I haven't looked at this code in a long time, it has just worked since I wrote it, based on some examples I'd found on the web at the time, probably 6 years ago. Anyway, when I try to execute this code on JBoss 7.1.1, I get the exception as seen in the title of this discussion. I have looked for the declaration of this class in Eclipse, and it tells me it's defined in the Java Runtime 6.0 class libraries.


      If that's the case, how can I get a Class Not Found exception at runtime?