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    Clarification how clustered topics works

    do not reply Newbie



      i am reading documentation and studying examples but i am unsure about few thigs:


      Assume a configure symetric cluster with 2 nodes. On both a create the topic in hornetq-jms.xml.


      I crate durable subscription on node1.


      I can listen to messages comming to this topic from node2(i've test it and it works).


      What happend if i consume few messages disconect this client form node1(or node1 gracefully shut down) and goes to node2(with same clientID)? Will the pointer of readed messages be synchronized to node2?


      Will the unread messages(from durable subscription) saved on both nodes or no?


      I guess than saved are only the messages which arrived when server was up, because for sawing all mesages is there replication, am i right?


      Can this lead to different content of same durable subscriptions on individual nodes? What if i connect with HA aware client?



      Thanks for reply