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    The OUT message was not received within: 20000 millis

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      i have built a complex application based on SY 0.7 that consists of several SY applications (let me call it "module").


      Each module communicates with the others via JMS.

      So each module receive a JMS message, perform some elaboration (with access on DB), and at the end publish a message for next module.


      Each module contains a BPM component and a camel component.

      Camel component uses a CustomCamel component to log messages via Asynchronous EJB into a dedicated JMS queue (centalized asynchronous logging famework)

      Camel component is also used to publish the JMS message to a switchyard reference endpoint.


      All works fine if i send one single message per time, or if i don't stress the application.


      Once i stress the application with a huge amount of requests, i'm facing with the following error (see atached log).

      On 200 messages sometimes happens that approximately 10 messages falls in error.


      Moreover i have noticed that in module chain (moduleA --> JMS --> moduleB --> JMS --> moduleC), the last module starts to elaborate the first message only after that the previous modules finish to elaborate it's own last message.


      Instead, since communication is JMS, i'm expecting that each module starts to work in parallel (with different messages of course).


      I'm using the following configuration for each JMS service




      Please, could someone give me some indication on how to identify the source of the problem ?