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    JBPM 3.3.1 - Deletion of data from JBPM tables

    JINU VIJAY Newbie

      Hello All..


      Our workflow system has been developed in JBPM 3.3.1 ages ago (should be clear from the version ). Well ... there is no problem in its business functionality so it continues running.


      In any case, our concern now is the evergrowing size of the JBPM database tables esp JBPM_BYTEBLOCK which in the last 4 years has grown to 100 gig! I read through and understand that JBPM doesn't provide an out of box archiving/deleting facility. Is this true?


      If so:

      1. what are the standard procedure that you follow for your systems to delete completed process data.

      2. Is it possible to have a cleanup at the end of a process run, if it is completed? How do you check if completed?


      Any guidance/link would be greatly appreciated!