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    EJB Deployment issue with Local JNDI Name

    Jijo Mathew Newbie



      I am deploying and EJB application (EJB 2.1) in Jboss EAP 5.1.  The problem that I am facing now is my local JNDI names are not getting created in the java name sapce, insted they are getting created in the global name space. As it is the secured resource I dont want to make it globally accessiblile. 

      My ejb-jar.xml looks as below















      <cmp-field >





      and jboss.xml is







      As I understand if we use <local-jndi-name> insted of <jndi-name> in jboss.xml , the it should be listed in the java name space? But it still  creating it in the global name space


      Any help on this please?