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    rich:extendedDataTable auto-width of colums?

    fina Newbie



      i´m tying to set the width of the Columns of a


      rich:extendedDataTable automatically.


      But the result is not very pretty:


      the headers of the colums has a different width than the content.


      Here is the code for one column:


      <rich:column id=&quot;status&quot; headerClass=&quot;blau&quot; width=&quot;auto&quot;>

          <f:facet  name=&quot;header&quot;>

              <h:outputText value=&quot;#{messages.Status}&quot; />


          <h:outputText value=&quot;#{ergebnis.model.status}&quot;/>



      I want the width of the whole column to be the same and the whole content must be visible.


      Can annybody help?