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    Converting from Tomcat to Undertow when upgrading to Wildfly 8

    Aaron Franke Newbie

      We have recently upgraded from Jboss-4.2.3. to Jboss as 7 - the speed and reliability is great by the way. In an effort to keep the application server up to date with the latest releases, we want to upgrade to Widlfly

      8 after it is out of beta and in general release. Our one hiccup is moving from Tomcat to Undertow. We are using Tomcat valves, specifically we are extending the org.apache.catalina.valves.ValveBase class. We have three class that extend the ValveBase.


      In each case, we are implementing the invoke() method and using the getInfo() method. In one case we are using the getNext() method via inheritance. I am completely new to Undertow, and I haven't found any javadocs describing the classes and methods. Where can I find some documentation to help me in this effort, or has anyone out there successfully change valve code for Tomcat to work with Undertow?