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    2.3.0 running in Jboss-7.2.0 clustered even when clustered tag is false

    John Muhlestein Newbie

      We are running jboss-7.2.0 with HornetQ-3.2.0


      In our configuration, we always deploy with broadcast and discovery turned on, but have clustering set to false using the <clustered>false</clustered> tag.


      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:messaging:1.1">










      Prior to 3.2.0, servers with <clustered>false</clustered> would not try and use the broadcast/discovery to connect to our clustered environment, but since 3.2.0 it will always try and connect to the discovery group and join the cluster.

      Even if we set the discovery port to something different, so that there aren't any other servers in that broadcast/discovery group, we can see in both the server logs and through jmx that hornetq shows as clustered.


      Is there a different way to turn clustering on/off in 3.2 compared to prior versions?

      I didn't notice any Jira's around this specific topic, so hopefully I've just done something wrong from a configuration perspective.





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