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    Wildfly WebProfile

    Chris Ritchie Newbie



      JBoss AS 7 was available in both full and web profiles.


      Does any body know if Wildfly will be available in web profile, or is the plan to go straight for full certification?


      Thanks in advance



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          Tomaž Cerar Master

          WildFly and as was also AS7 is completly modular.


          those provided configurations ware there mostly for convinience.

          You can combine sets of subsystems/extensions in any way you see fit to make exactly what you need out of app server.


          If you quesion is more in line of AS7.0 that was web profile only and 7.1 that was full.

          We plan to make WildFly 8.0 EE7 full profile certifed.

          but that does not mean you wont be able to run just "web profile"






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            Chris Ritchie Newbie

            Yes that is what I meant. There was a period where JBoss AS 7 was available only in web profile. So I was wondering if Wildfly was going to go down the same route, by gaining web profile first, and full cerification second.


            Thanks for your quick answer Tomaz.