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    ANN: Habari Client for HornetQ 2.1 - high performance STOMP client for Delphi / Free Pascal

    Michael Justin Novice

      August 6, 2013 - Habarisoft today released version 2.1 of the STOMP 1.0/1.1

      library "Habari Client for HornetQ" for Delphi 2009+ and Free Pascal 2.6.0+:


      Home page:



      New in this version:

      * New: Connection pool example implementation with demo project

      * New: Heart-beating tests usa mock STOMP server
      * New: Connection parameter "subscribe.receipt" to request and verify broker confirmations for subscriptions
      * New: Tested with Free Pascal 2.6.2
      * New: Tested with Indy 10.6
      * New: Support for mixed compiler modes with Free Pascal


      Getting Started Guide (PDF):




      Michael Justin

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