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    jbpm-desginer-standalone with postgresql database to store the workflow files

    Naman Shah Newbie

      I have the jbpm-standalone-desiger with save functionality integrated in the designer.It by default uses the VFS and stores it into /tmp

      I need to use postgresql at the back end instead of vfs. I am able to do that when we have a integrated designer with guvnor.


      I prefer to call Webservice from the desginer where ever i need to interact with the DB.


      Steps i think i need to follow:

      1) Create a profile for the new db having the repository information (jbpm.xml)

      2) Create a Repository Implementation for my DB

      3) Create a IDiagramProfile implementation  for my new profile

      4) IUUIDBasedRepository  Implemenation for the same.


      Any more help?