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    JVM memory is not getting released even after restarting the JBOSS server

    Samineni S Newbie

      Dear friends,


      I am using JBOSS 7 Server, I am having an issue where the memory is not getting released even after re-starting the server. When I run svmon -G -O unit=GB  command. below is the output it is showing before and after re-starting the server also.


      Unit: GB
                     size       inuse        free         pin     virtual  available   mmode
      memory         8.00        7.99        0.01        1.89        2.88       4.84     Ded
      pg space       26.5        0.02

                     work        pers        clnt       other
      pin            1.61           0        0.01        0.27
      in use         2.88           0        5.11



      Memory is getting released only after the server crash.  This issue started ocuring after migrating the server from JBOSS 4.0.5.GA to JBOSS 7.


      We are using JDK7 (64 bit).


      Could you please advise on this, As we are facing this issue only in Production region.