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    Failed to find EJB receiver

    Alexey S. Newbie

      I got next error :


      EJBCLIENT000025: No EJB receiver available for handling [appName:AAA, moduleName:BBB, distinctName:]

      Who should look my jboss-deployment-structure.xml?

      If I am doing a remote invocation of my AAA.ear jboss-deployment-structure.xml should be at client side- right?


      issue is that this works in jboss 7.1.3 final and doesnt work in EAP 6.1...same jboss-ejb-client.properties


      thanks for help in advance

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The jboss-deployment-structure should not have an influence here.

          Do you use the correct jboss-client.jar?

          Could you show the jboss-ejb-client.properties and the part of the server log where the JNDI names are shown.

          Also the part of the invocation code.

          Did you change the standard ports or bind address?