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    message queues documentation

    Tony Everett Newbie

      Can someone point me in the right direction where to find documentation on how to set up queues in the switchyard.xml and then use them in services/routes?

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          Keith Babo Master

          Queues are not created in switchyard.xml, they are added to the AS and then referenced from a SY application.  You can deploy a queue definition in a variety of ways, I would check out the AS documentation for details on that.  In terms of examples, check out the camel-jms-binding quickstart for an example of deploying a queue definition with a file-based deployment.  The ear-deployment quickstart has an example of deploying a queue definition bundled with the application.  Both quickstarts have a Readme with details on how to build, deploy, and run the applications.

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            Tony Everett Newbie

            I of course understand that queues are established in the AS. The ear-deployment quickstart is not available in the alpha package 7-0.8, correct?


            What is not clear to me is where the reference in SW takes place? Is it simply a string? Also, do we have (embedded) ActiveMQ capability for testing à la Camel, and is there an example for that?

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              Rob Cernich Master

              Hey Tony,


              References to queues will be done by adding JMS (or JCA) bindings to composite services/references within your SwitchYard project.  The JMS binding allows you to specify the queue or topic name, as well as other items useful when working with queues.  Please refer to the camel-jms-binding quickstart for a simplified example.


              As for ActiveMQ, I'm not sure the state of support, but I assume that if you are able to create queues on the server, you should be able to reference them in your SwitchYard configuration.


              Hope that helps,