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    Designer - Mixed up global/input/output variables in imported processes

    osebelin Newbie



      we are migrating from using the drools eclipse BPMN2 modeler to the designer 2.4 war. When I import the processes into the guvnor, edit them in the designer and save and export them they fail to execute in the drools runtime.


      I narrowed the problem down to global variables, data input and output variables that have the same name. They will get mixed up leading to missing <bpmn2:dataInputAssociation> elements.


      This is visible  in the editor for data assignments for work items. If I try to map e.g.

      • the global variable 'acl' to the input parameter 'acl' and
      • the output parameter 'acl' to the global variable 'acl',

      they get mixed up. If I open the drop down list again, ist is always the global variable that is selected. This occurs in both the "From Object" and "To Object" drop down list.


      This leads to a missing <bpmn2:dataInputAssociation> for the 'acl' variable in the generated BPMN2. The <bpmn2:dataOutputAssociation> for the 'acl' output parameter gets generated correctly however.


      Is this an error in the designer or is it prohibited to use the same variable names, even if it was working fine in the eclipse modeler? Is there a way to work around this using the designer?