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    jboss-cli and certificate confirmation

    Lukasz Z Newbie



      I have a problem with running batch scripts when my connection has ssl enabled.

      When I connecting first time jboss-cli ask me about confirmation of server certificate.


      Unable to connect due to unrecognised server certificate

      Subject    - CN=xxx,OU=a,O=b,C=c

      Issuer     - CN=yyy, OU=xxx, O=aa, C=oo

      Valid From - Fri Aug 09 15:45:05 CEST 2013

      Valid To   - Thu Nov 07 14:45:05 CET 2013

      SHA1 : f4:5b:79:bd:4f:f7:54:20:19:ac:96:8e:de:95:9e:a4:28:a3:b6:13

      MD5 : c7:a9:65:1d:4c:39:47:b9:b5:bd:32:42:8e:d5:c7:72


      Accept certificate? [N]o, [T]emporarily, [P]ermenantly :


      when I set silent mode in jboss-cli.xml then only shows

      Accept certificate? [N]o, [T]emporarily, [P]ermenantly :


      but I always have to confirm it manually.

      I can use expect command to confirm it but my question is:


      Is some way to set jboss-cli to accept certificate always without asking ?


      Thanks for answers.