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    AbstractPerEntryLockContainer can not lock the same key that's bytes type

    bingozzz bingozzz Newbie

      the class AbstractPerEntryLockContainer of the Infinispan 5.3.0.final, its constructor:


         protected AbstractPerEntryLockContainer(int concurrencyLevel) {

            locks = new EquivalentConcurrentHashMapV8<Object, L>(

                  16, concurrencyLevel, AnyEquivalence.getInstance(), AnyEquivalence.<L>getInstance());



      if used the hotrod client,the same key can not be lock correctly,because the AbstractPerEntryLockContainer's EquivalentConcurrentHashMapV8 think the same binary key values are different lock.


      Where can I configure it,like the dataContainer?

      dataContainer:  keyEquivalence="org.infinispan.commons.equivalence.ByteArrayEquivalence"