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    Is there any way to hook users functionality in GateIn?


      I want to replicate users profile field data in other custom tables (other than GateIn tables) on user’s creation process. Here GateIn user’s creation functionality remains the same as it is. Two ways that comes in my mind are


      - Add triggers at database level - when user will be created then a trigger initiate and enter the data (user’s profile info) into other custom table.

      - Add hook to user creation process that enhance the functionality and can add data (user’s profile info) in custom table.


      Can anyone please guide me that which one approach can be applicable in GateIn case or is there any other solution?


      Note: I am using GateIn 3.6 with MySQL and jboss-as-7.1.1.Final


      Thanks in advance for your help in this regard.



      Abdul Basit