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    rich:extendedDataTable scrolling on OS X




      I've noticed an annoying thing with the rich:extendedDataTable in RichFaces 4.3 when you use OS X. Normally you can scroll up/down, left/right by using 2 fingers on the touchpad on a MacBook pro.

      However with the extendedDataTable this isn't working. You can only scroll it by using the scroll bar. For OS X users who are used to be able to scroll without having to navigate to the small scroll bar this is quite annoying. Is this a known problem, is anyone else having the same problem?



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          Interesting.  Using Safari I assume?  Do you have a similar problem with other webpages that use scrollable web elements?


          It may be that Safari fires a different event when using the touchpad to scroll, one that we would have to listen to explicitly.


          Note: I am able to vertically scroll the EDT in the showcase using the touchpad with Chrome on my linux machine.

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            Hi Brian,


            it is the same with Chrome. The scrolling with two fingers is a OS feature.

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              Hi Brian,


              Just discovered something with respect to scrolling. The scrolling with two fingers works when the mouse is over the actual scrollbar!

              I had a look at the actual html code and it looks like the header, table content and scroller are generated as independent tables. The div that contains the table content (class rf-edt-cnt) has overflow:hidden; set. If you change that to overflow: auto you get the two finger scrolling over the content of the table, however the header and original scrollbar isn't scrolling. Would it be possible to hide the original scroller and synchronize the header (and footer?) when scrolling the content?


              I have to do some testing on my iPad to see whether I get similar problems there.

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                One more thing, in OS-X you have the option to only show the scrollbar when you scroll. This is quite nice as it gives you a bit more space. However in this case you cannot scroll with the extendedDataTable at all! The scrollbar of the extendedDataTable is hidden in this case and the height/width of the div containing the scrollbar is 0, so you can't navigate over it to enable the scrolling. That basically gives you no way of scrolling!


                I think the design of the extendedDataTable to have header/content/scroller in different divs and only have the scrollbar 'scrollable' is broken! It clearly doesn't work on OS-X. Shall I create a JIRA issue for that (and where do I do that?)

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                  Just to highlight the problem on OS-X:

                  Scrollbar is set to always visible in OS-X:  Scrolling with 2 fingers is possible when mouse is over scrollbar

                  Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 16.53.40.png

                  Scrollbar is set to 'visible when scrolling':

                  Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 16.55.06.png

                  In this particular case it is actually possible to scroll as the height of the component which contains the scrollbar is not 0 (due to the frozen columns).

                  So you could move the mouse over the part where normally the scrollbar would have been and use the two fingers for scrolling (but the normal user wouldn't know and the table would just appear broken or they never figure out that there are more columns). It doesn't work on the content of the table tough (although scrolling up and down with two fingers does work, just not left to right)

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                    Thanks for sharing your investigations, can you file an issue here in our jira?  Instruction on how to do so are here: Submitting effective issue reports



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