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    Process versioning in jbpm5.4

    Hari Kumar Newbie

      Hi Team,


      I am new to JBPM.As I have a requirement to handle the process versioning logic in my workflow.


      For example due to change in the requirements ,I am going to modify the process. After i changed the process according to my new requirement , now if i try to create new instance it will be created for new version of the process. That is taken care by JBPM itself.


      After deployment of new process ,the instance id which i created using my older process definition and also it has some of the wait state node in it, If i try to proceed that process instance by loading it using ksession it is refering to new version of the process , instead of taking the older process. Where this processes definitions stored in DB?.How to avoid this using the process versioning.


      Can some one please suggest me the way to handle this?


      Thanks in advance,