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    Providing log files through jboss

    Jorge Campos Newbie

      Hy Guys


      (Sorry about my english)


      Is there a way to provide the log files of a jboss profile within jboss tools (something like admin-console or jmx-console) ?


      I am responsible for a software factory and we have a JBoss instalation (jboss-5.1.0.GA, we are redhat partners). So I generate the packages to deploy to this server and sometimes a developer ask me to provide the server.log file of this server to him (because to this server he don't have access it is a pre-release test server).


      I'm wondering if it is something like probe to see the logfile in realtime. I try to install the probe on this jboss but no sucess, because our system has a configuration to redirect to a specific login page (authentication configuration), so I was unable to put our application and the probe to work in the same context.


      Thanks in advance