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    Cleaning up the JBPM internal db

    Abhishek Mishra Newbie

      All - We are seeing some performance degradation in our current set up. We are using JBPM 3 with JBOSS ESB. We had a process which was earlier taking around 40 mins to complete but now that is taking hours to complete. So after doing some research we found that the internal db has grown relatively big. And this table space is occupying arround 80% of the total space. After doing some analysis we found the process deletion api from the REDHAT. Here basically we are doing "jbpmContext.getGraphSession().deleteProcessInstance(processInstance); ".


      Here I would like to know if we run this in production is there going to be any impact ?

      What's extra parmeter/setting we will have to check if we go by this ?

      Is there any alternative ways to get read of this and free the space ?


      Could you please review this and let me know?


      Thanks in advance.