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    Annoying Exception in latest build: could not create Vfs.Dir

    Marius Gerwinn Newbie

      When we started to build the latest errai version by ourself we got some annoying error message:


      [ERROR] 18:49:34 (Reflections.java:210) could not create Vfs.Dir from url. ignoring the exception and continuing
      [ERROR] org.jboss.errai.reflections.ReflectionsException: could not create Vfs.Dir from url, no matching UrlType was found [file:/System/Library/Java/Extensions/QTJava.zip]
      [ERROR] Available types: [jarfile, jarUrl, directory, vfsfile, vfszip, org.jboss.errai.common.metadata.WarUrlType@5baade52, *.jnilib]
      [ERROR] Do you need to add app server specific support to your deployment? (For example, errai-jboss-as-support for AS7)
      [ERROR] at org.jboss.errai.reflections.vfs.Vfs.fromURL(Vfs.java:126)


      The message above is copied from eclipse on a mac.

      Using windows/linux produces slightly different error messages.

      We think that this is related to the java runtime path. So we quickfixed it by putting our java runtime in different path.


      Is there any other fix for that problem?

      Despite this annoying error message the build is working totally fine.