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    JBAS012144 - Could Not Connect To Remote Domain Controller from Slave Node

    Phillip Rhodes Newbie



      I'm working with a customer who is building out a JBoss6 EAP cluster, and is having the following problem.   The Domain Controller is running fine, bound to an accessible IP (eg , not and is not firewalled off or anything.   From the Slave Node box we can telnet to port 9999 on the DC...   But when you start the Slave, we get an error like


      JBAS012144 - Could Not Connect To Remote Domain Controller  <snip> Connection Timed Out.



      The thing is, we can connect with jboss-cli.sh IF (and only if) we pass a --timeout= argument and bump the timeout up to, say, 15000.  If we don't pass that, we get the same timeout error when connecting with the CLI.  So, given that we can see a certain error if we allow the default timeout, but it goes away if we increase the timeout, I'm very strongly suspecting that simply increasing the timeout on the connection used by the clustering mechanism would fix that problem as well.



      So far, I haven't found any evidence that JBoss exposes a way to configure that timeout.  Does anyone know if there is a way to configure it?  If not, does anyone have any other suggestions for a workaround for this?


      FWIW, this is EAP 6.1.0 Final, which is supposed to be based on JBoss 7.2.   There's an existing ticket for what looks like the same problem, that claims it's fixed in 6.1, but nontheless, we are experiencing this problem.