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    Error when trying to import a zip file on JBoss EPP 5.2 + Site Publisher

    Pablo Peralta Newbie

      Hello World


      I need some help from you guys, and I will thank each one.


      Well, the case is that I'm working with JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Version 5.2.2, with Site Publisher installed as well. When I access the "ecmdemo" portal container, I go to Group->Content Explorer, under the "Sites Management" view, i click the site name on the left tree, then I click on System->Import, i choose the file exported from another JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform in .zip format, and then when I click on "Import", this error appears: "Cannot import the node. The imported data are incorrect or the node type 'exo:portalFolder' is not allowed to be child's node type'exo:portalFolder'."


      Why could it be? Can It be because of a damaged or corrupted archive?


      I attach the log, however nothing extra is showing in there when i hit the "Import" button.

      I also attach the file that i want to import to check, if you want, that it is not corrupted.


      Thank you in advance



      PD: sorry if I made a mistake with my english, i natively speak spanish.