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    How to use rich:dropDownMenu under rich:accordion

    David Lee Newbie



      I been tried to put the rich:dropDownMenu into a rich:accordion,

      but in the end the rich:dropDownMenu cannot correctlt display.


      My code as following:



      <rich:accordion style="width: auto; " activeItem="#{a10_componentNavigator.currentComponent.id}"  contentStyle="background:none;">


           <rich:accordionItem >

              <rich:dropDownMenu style="border:1px solid #{a4jSkin.panelBorderColor}" label="Option1" mode="client"

                  jointPoint="topRight" direction="bottomRight">

                  <rich:menuItem label="Suboption 1-1" />

                  <rich:menuItem label="Suboption 1-2">

                      <f:facet name="icon">

                          <h:graphicImage value="/images/icons/print.gif" alt="print" />



                  <rich:menuItem label="Suboption 1-3" />







      anybody know how to solve this?