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    Hibernate Mapping Files location?

    Michael Pellaton Newbie


      I have a small problem with my programm.


      Quick Info:

      We bought a programm from an other company, and now I have to change several settings.

      It's a Flex 3 Application wich runs on a JBOSS 5.1.0. Server and uses Hibernate for the communication with the SQL Database.


      The only thing a got was the Eclipse Workspace with all the Class Files etc., the database and the allready configured JBOSS Server.


      Now my Problem:


      I have to add new collumns to several tables in my database.

      Now i wanted to add these collumns also to the objects in my program. I know I also have to change the hbm Files for a correct communication between the application and the database. But I can not find those files anywhere.


      Is there a standard location for those files? Or is there a way to search these files?


      I really don't have a clue and can not continue to work if I don't find these files.



      Thanks for your help