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    Configuring SSO on JBoss AS 7

    kensvebary Newbie



      I want to configure a single sign-on (SSO) on my JBoss, but I just don't know where to start.


      This is the scenario I'm insterested in :

      1. User logs on to a Windows machine.

      2. User starts a web browser.

      3. User browses to my web application on the specified URL, and he is automatically logged on to the application, without having to type in his credentials.


      These are the prerequisites :

      Machine and user are both part of some Active Directory domain, and the authentication goes through the AD.

      Kerberos is enabled on Active Directory.

      JBoss hosting the web application can of course communicate with Active Directory if necessary.


      Can you please help me out?

      I just need some advice on where to start with this.

      How to approach the problem?

      Does JBoss 7 have any built-in functionality for this kind of scenario?

      In general, how is this supposed to work ?

      I need to register my JBoss on AD kerberos service, and then what?

      How is that handled exactly throughy web browser?


      Thanks in advance!